Utilities: Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Four Ace Infomatics's innovative industry solutions help 'future proof' your utility business

Utility firms continue to embrace increasing customer engagement, ever changing regulation, integration of renewable energy and optimization of the energy mix, deployment of smart technology, intelligent investment for operational efficiency while aligning to greater competition and regulatory directives with increasing cost of materials and labor in a challenging economic environment. These trends are making utilities take a fresh look at technology as a tool to gain competitive advantage.

How Four Ace Infomatics Helps

Four Ace Infomatics helps enhance the profitability of Electricity, Gas and Water Utility firms through innovative solutions that help improve operational efficiency by standardizing processes at the core of the organization, and help increase revenues by creating differentiated offerings and processes that involve the consumer.

Our strategy of leveraging cloud, mobility and analytics to execute this dual-front approach of differentiation at the front, and standardization at the core will ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Four Ace Infomatics’s Utilities solutions and services for improving customer experience and enhancing revenues are:

  • Interactive Customer Experience Manager, a unique scoring mechanism promoting better outcomes
  • Smart grid technologies to enable consumer engagement
  • Environment, health and safety solutions that ensure compliance and community support
  • Leveraging analytics for targeted and differentiated initiatives

Our solutions and services for enhancing operational efficiency are:

  • Just-in-time water treatment planning and inventory management to reduce stock holding
  • Enterprise solutions to manage work and assets
  • Energy management systems to optimize and integrate sources
  • Proactive Leak Management anticipating and acting to prevent abnormalities in the water network
  • Integration and consolidation of processes to harness efficiencies
  • Bringing in best practices that enhance reliability and security


From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, Four Ace Infomatics has the world-class experience and expertise that you need.

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