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Cloud computing is among the leading disruptive trends and strategic technologies of this decade that offers a new IT delivery model. Several recent new developments have made security, risk management and governance in the Cloud more manageable, and hence opened up new options for enterprises that want to leverage the Cloud. Enterprises stand to derive a host of benefits from a smart and consistent Cloud strategy. Four Ace Infomatics can help you along your transformation journey to Cloud enabled IT for addressing the challenges faced by you today, namely:

  • Reducing Capital Expenditure
  • Adjusting to fluctuations in demand for computing resources based on dynamic business conditions
  • Rapidly setting up technology stacks for IT projects to be delivered in critical timelines
  • Maximizing utilization of computing resources, reducing their management complexity, flexibly reusing computing resources across widely ranging needs of multiple projects
  • Catering to high-end expensive IT infrastructure needs for which investment in Capital Expenditure is not a practical approach for you. These include :

  • Large scale compute resources for short-term experimentation or testing
  • High performance computing resources for compute-intensive processing
  • Distributed fault-tolerant environment for high availability and business continuity.

Cloud provides several features that help to overcome these challenges:

  • It offers a variety of pre-installed, dynamically scalable computing and storage infrastructure, platform and application software as a service
  • It is accessed on-demand from distributed locations using Open standards based automated, self-service interfaces
  • It is charged on subscription or usage basis at low rates that benefit from economies of scale
  • It is hosted on an optimized, fault-tolerant, highly scalable, secure infrastructure
  • Its management is automated and its complexity is hidden from users.

How Four Ace Infomatics Can Help You
We deliver end-to-end Cloud services from consulting, architecture, design, implementation to management-monitoring to help you throughout the lifecycle of your Cloud adoption initiative. We can extend your IT to a Cloud in public domain to satisfy your needs of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Application Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or help to transform your data center into a private cloud for internal use, or implement and manage a hybrid cloud for you. We also deliver industry facing Cloud solutions.

Our services enable you to gain several benefits:

  • CapEx Reduction and Dynamic Scalability: We take a consulting-led approach. Through our Cloud Acceleration Program, we help you to make complex decisions such as which of your applications to transition to Cloud, Cloud type and vendor platform to be chosen, and provide a smooth roadmap for transitioning to Cloud infrastructure that flexibly scales up or down as your demand varies and reduces CapEx and procurement cycle time.
  • Business Focus and Speed to remain Competitive: Our Development/Testing on Cloud (DToC) and Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) offerings allow you to flexibly use required pre-configured development / testing technology stacks on demand from Cloud, and get you quickly started, reducing time-to-market, allowing focus on business problems enabling business innovation in order to remain competitive.
  • Efficiency, Agility, Availability and Accountability: Our Private Cloud offering enables transforming your data center or server rooms into Cloud under your control for enterprise-wide use. It also enables optimal and flexible utilization of fault-tolerant IT resources providing efficiency, agility, availability; and allows intelligence and accountability to be provided for shared IT resource consumption by business users.
  • Risk Reduction: Our Unified Cloud Management and Monitoring offering enables visibility, control of IT operation seamlessly across Cloud based and on-premise IT to reduce risk.

Four Ace Infomatics Advantage
Leveraging our deep expertise, proven methods, frameworks, and multi-vendor alliances, we accelerate, and lower the risk of, transitioning your IT to the best suited Cloud to derive the above benefits.

  • Expert Team for Superior Solution: We have a team of trained-certified, experienced Cloud Computing experts who continuously explore evolving Cloud technology, develop deep skills through hands-on work in our Cloud Lab and by networking with allied major Cloud ecosystem vendors. Our internal training programs and Cloud Computing Community of Practice enable rapid generation of Cloud Computing skills.
  • Proven Methods for Accelerated Delivery and Lowered Risk: We perform structured delivery of services using accelerators tested in our Lab that capture our expertise and best practices that combined with our global delivery model reduce your risks and time in transitioning to Cloud. Our advanced technology and operations led delivery model ensures assured business outcomes.
  • Multi-vendor Approach for Best-of-Breed Technology-based Solution: We take a multi-vendor approach to recommend a solution based on best-of-breed technologies most suited to your problem and environment.

Track Record for Client Success

  • Messaging and  collaboration Proof-of-Concept, Private cloud on Microsoft Platforms 
  • Proof-of-Concept on AWS public cloud for design automation with multiple tool compatibility for one of the global top three electronic design automation companies
  • Migration of operations management and reporting system to Azure platform, SSO system for 1.6 million + transient user population for one of the world’s largest quick service restaurant chains
  • Cloud-readiness assessment on six core applications
  • Consulting and migration to hybrid environment including private and public cloud platforms
  • Built and deployed on public cloud, a Workforce Management tool to provide forecasts of human resource requirements based on analysis of historic data and invoicing patterns for one of the largest infotainment and telecom service providers
  • Consulting, Design and deployment of a platform for single Reference Data Management Solution (RDS) on private cloud for one of the largest universal financial services firms


From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, Four Ace Infomatics has the world-class experience and expertise that you need.

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