IT Governance

Organizations today are answerable to a variety of questions pertaining to IT Governance and Corporate Governance. Some of the prominent and pertinent questions commonly asked are:

  • What is the need for IT Governance and how does it enable Corporate Governance in an organization today?
  • Why should an organization invest in ensuring a series of processes and frameworks that enable the efficient and effective use of all IT Resources?
  • What is the business value that an organization will secure in real monetary terms if it adheres to the checks and balances that are established by it and applicable within itself?
  • How does the organization manage its portfolio of IT Proposals, Projects and Assets to ensure that continuous strategic value is realized?
  • What does a Balanced Scorecard measurement of the IT organization provide that will result in a high strategic alignment of Business and IT?
  • What will enable Compliance and Risk Management measures to be prevalent across IT and generally ripple across all business lines in an enterprise?

An IT Governance framework that will be able to effectively answer these questions needs to be necessarily modelled on the fundamental interlocking levers of Strategic Alignment of IT and Business, IT Value Delivery, Comprehensive IT Resource Management, Performance Measurement and Compliance/ Risk Management. These levers should in turn encompass all fundamental IT Resources – People, Applications, Infrastructure and Assets. Since IT Departments have a consistent mandate from CXOs to evolve from a support center into an aligned, strategic business partner bringing optimal value to the enterprise on a continued basis, IT Governance, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and related processes have become an integral function of the 21st century enterprise.

Four Ace Infomatics dedicated IT Governance Center of Excellence (CoE) helps businesses to adopt effective IT Governance strategies that will help them control, comply and align IT with business priorities. These strategies enable IT and the businesses to function in tandem as a cohesive unit that delivers real value to the organization. Our Project Portfolio Management and IT Governance Outsourcing solutions ensure the unlocking of real cost savings and innovation value delivery through establishing the integrative systems and incorporating best practices to enable optimal management of our customer's IT portfolio.

Our deep technology and consulting capabilities are well complemented by our partnerships and alliances with leading product vendors in the IT Governance space.


From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, Four Ace Infomatics has the world-class experience and expertise that you need.

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